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My System Specs


That Logisys power supply is scaring me:
If I find a review on a similarly-branded PSU that burns that automatically means I don't put in any new parts without replacing that PSU.

Also, I built a PC without formal training - it's not bad at all. I actually started by upgrading my family's Dell, IBM (pre-Lenovo), and HP computers, and then found that building a PC from components was actually easier than modifying prebuilts.

Since you will want the use of a multithreaded processor for photo editing, the new AMD A10 would be a good match for you, especially with Adobe stepping it up with OpenCL support to use the AMD GPUs to do processing (although not sure if Elements uses it yet). Forget about using that old GPU if you go the A10 route - it's a bad idea to combine graphics cards that are several generations apart, especially since the 9800 is a DirectX 10 card and all new graphics solutions are DirectX 11. You'll have driver issues all over the place if you try to get the cards to work with each other, no matter what the marketing says.

You spoke of a lot of other stuff (RAM, cooling, etc) but the most important point I'd like to present is to get rid of that PSU, or don't be surprised when stuff starts crashing / freezing / taking damage.
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