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My System Specs


Here you go. Leave A1 blank, paste this into B1:

I should probably note a key assumption I am making with my stepped rate formulas: that a dedicated rig gets to enjoy 100% of the lower pre-threshold rate. So take the Hydro BC and Quebec rates for example... the higher BC rates kick in after 1250 kWh over a two month period, while the higher Quebec rates kick in after 30 kWh per day. Since there is no way to control for the non-folding power consumption of each household and likewise no way to estimate whether the non-folding power consumption exceeds the stepped rate threshold on a household-by-household basis, I have no choice but to assume that folding dedicated rigs have first priority on power consumption.

Hypothetical example: 3.0's dedicated folding hardware runs at a daily average of 1000w AC while his entire household as a whole runs at an average of 1875w AC. These translate into 24 kWh and 45 kWh, respectively so he pays the lower rate on 30 kWh and the higher rate on 15 kWh. But because his folding dedicated consumption does not exceed 30 kWh on its own, my formula will estimate all of his folding power consumption at the lowest rate. This is obviously a questionable assumption since it's the non-folding consumption that should likely be considered the baseline, with dedicated folding consumption being an optional add-on amount that really ought to be taken into consideration afterwards. But like I said, it is impossible to control for the amount of non-folding power consumption on a household-by-household basis, so the only way to deal with it is to remove it from the equation completely.
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