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Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
What WU and what tpf do you get?
It's running an 8101 which is currently at 22m01s TPF. It's odd though, sometimes I'll check the computer and FaH is reporting a 32-34 minute TPF and then I'll check again an hour later and it'll be back down to ~22 minutes. Is this kind of variation in frame time normal? I'm not using the folding computer for anything else so FaH is getting a constant amount of processor time.

The last 8101 took 46h47m48s which gives an average TPF of 27m29s if I've worked that out correctly. I had assumed that the TPF would typically stay near the average, as is my experience with regular SMP WUs but this has not been the case with the two 8101s.
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