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My System Specs


Technically speaking you could keep your CPU and just change the mobo with one with AM3 socket. AM3 means there is only DDR3 no DDR2, unless very rare exceptions (Asus M4N72E but not sold anymore). So you could keep the CPU and just get another mobo with 4 RAM slots that will take at least 16GB of RAM with no issues. If you want a new system I would go with the Core i5 setup. Your power supply is a no name, might say SLI ready on it but don't push it. I haven't seen anywhere the software you use to make use of GPU accelerated functions like Nvidia's CUDA from the 9800GT or Open CL from AMD vid cards, so if you don't game might want to keep the 9800 out of the system completely. The AMD stock cooler on the Athlon chips is quite silent, is the stock unit on the highly clocked Phenoms that is quite noisy. You might want to get a Cooler Master 212 Evo as CPU cooler they are great for the price.
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