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Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
The 650D has a built in fan controller
Thank you very much everyone for your replies--they are all very helpful!

As far as the built-in fan controller on the 650D . . . Yes--but I have read numerous complaints that this little 2-3 setting switch ceases to function after a fairly short period of time . . . does not sound particularly robust. This was one of the reasons why I intitially began looking into another controller option. But thanks for mentioning this.

Still debating . . . but I may take the advice of holding off for now and seeing how much of an issue the noise is. Ideally, not having a FC means one less potential damaging break down issue (if FC stopped working while I was away from PC and temp. spiked) and one less source of heat.

Thank you everyone for your help . . . I really appreciate it!
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