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Default Daytrader CPU problems

Hi, I am new to site and compared to site users somewhat tech un-savvy. I read a prior post regarding CPU requirements for stock trading platforms but it did not quite seem to apply. I have two computers. One is dedicated to the trading platform. Platform requirements are 1 GB, 500 MB min. I have a Pentium 4 2.93 GHZ, 2.5 GB RAM. So I should have enough. My Norton 360 alert comes up several times a day saying " High CPU usage, 99%. Additionally the stock prices will freeze which makes it hard to know whether you have hit a sell or buy point.. I had this trading program on another computer, a laptop, and the trading platform would shut down several times a day if I had other processes running, i.e. news sources or research web-sites. The laptop had 3GB RAM. So what is going on. The trading platform people say it is my cable company. Or do I just need a lot more RAM?

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