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Matt wants the exterior to look aged and weathered.

Water Drop Masking: "Distressed & Weathered Look"

1. Spray entire surface with Water Spray Bottle
2. Use Airbrush over water drops with Enamel Paint
3. Allow to dry 1 minute
4. Use Paper Towel and Dab up the water, Don't Wipe!

Airbrushing shadows with Iwata around the NC shield, with Brown

Airbrushed mix of Grey / Black enamel paint over the vertical vents in the panels, to create aged effect.

You can see the water spots in the Blue exterior..

Scratched and scuffed the shield with red Scotchbrite pad and 80 grit sandpaper...

I'll be in the workshop on Sunday, applying more surface effects and adding some Yellow striping, inspired buy the NC armor.
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