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as you say i cant find any reference to efadata.db on the web, i have never seen them before or since. as i said i deleted them in safe mode.

the only thing i have did this weekend that i have never done was to go into the regedit and force a name change for one of my hard drives. windows had for whatever reason picked the letter "J:" for the system drive. this led to numerous problems with windows update. so i forced the name change and ended up doing a reformat (again). i also elected to put service pack 3 on and all other high priority windows updates.

i think either the name change or the service pack 3 had something to do with it.

i scan nightly with updated spybot and norton. i am also behind 3 software and 1 hardware firewalls. i also have norton set to scan continuously for virus like activities. for years now i have removed system volume information from the exceptions list. i do not think it was an infection. probably some new thing from microsoft.

in any case the files have not reappeared.

will continue to look for info


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