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@Pabz0r545, Thank you! and wish the manufacturers would listen to us!

@dandelioneater, Thank you for dropping in and commenting

painted the New Conglomerate shield

I prepped the acrylic surface for paint by 1st scuffing the surface with Red Scotch brite pad.

Next step is applying Primer coat, I used RUSTOLEUM Enamel, from Home Depot.

I let the Primer cure for 2 hours...

I applied RUSTOLEUM's #7747 Sunburst Yellow, Enamel paint

I let the Yellow cure overnight....

Instead of just applying the logo on the factory case panel... I want something with a more industrial and rugged look.

I want the perimeter of the factory frame for a new backing plate on the right side panel.

I used a Jigsaw with 18 TPI cutting blade to remove the center of the factory window.

I used a hand file to clean up the edges of the factory window frame.

I'll be mounting the logo on this aluminum plate with louvered vents. I cannibalized this sheet from AMS gtower CF-1009 case side panel, which was discontinued several years ago.

I painted the frame with Plasti-kote "Aluminum" color Engine Enamel Paint.

Aluminum panel mounted on modified c70 factory window. The NC shield is now attached onto the panel.

The paint finish is not going to remain shiny and new...

I'll be hand painting and airbrushing the finish with distressed and weathered look, much like this NC Soldier's body armor.
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