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My System Specs


well if your PC failed to start then you need to drop the multiplier lower then 45 , like what perineum mentioned
Then change your multiplier from 35 to 40.
usually you just leave every thing alone except for the multiplier inwhich you bump that up a little at a time until you get a failed boot, then you adjust the multipler down until the PC does start when you get to the desk top you stress test after a fair amount of time of stress testing( myself I am impatient so I usually do other things on my PC at the same time ) as stress testing and monitoring your heat if everything is to your likeng then your done if you want to tweak it out to get every little bit out of the motherboard and cpu then it can get tricky.
myself most of the time I just use the asus automatic overclock , then I slowly play around to get a higher stable clock
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