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Default Fan Controller--In This Case, A Solution Looking for a Problem?!? . . .

I have been trying to decide between two fan controllers for my new build in a 650D case (Bitfenix Recon and Lamptron Touch). Now however, I am begining to wonder if maybe I have been trying to apply a solution where there might not really be a problem.

I am not doing any major overclocking, I will be using a CPU cooler and "silent" fans. My primary reason for the fan controller was to be able to reduce case noise on occasion as the case will sit on my desk and I spend A LOT of time at my desk for work--the noise from my current case can get tiresome. But perhaps this won't really be a problem anyway. (As an aside, it would aslo be nice to be able to easily keep track of case temperatures).

Is adding a fan controller in this case adding complication (or potential failure point & additional heat source) where it is not needed?

Thanks for the help with this!
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