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Originally Posted by b1ack1otus View Post
Wow, PLS monitor. I'm jealous indeed haha. But yes, when I bought my monitor it was kind of in a hurry as I needed a replacement since my laptop monitor died and I couldn't do any work for school And it was on sale at NCIX. But now I'm looking for a good monitor with a 1920x1200 monitor and I don't think I want to spend too much for 27 inch monitor. I don't mind the mismatch resolution if I do put them together for dual screen.

lol, well I was so close to buying the LG 226, just I wanted to see some more monitors in person. So I visited Canada computers and they had the SA850 on display connected to a dedicated computer so I could try the desktop and some games. That's the only way to really test a monitor, those multi display screens spamming the same video loop over in a mismatch of resolutions just useless.

Anyway I was totally blown away by the screen image of the samsung one. I didn't even know about PLS at the time, I was looking for an IPS monitor then somehow ran into this one I was sold on the first glimpse and to this date very happy... Literally everthing I ran was so much nicer.. This was coming from an old SAMSUNG 22" 226BW I think which was pretty good for its time but what a difference.

That weekend they had an in store sale for $439 i thought it was a good deal for what it was, to this date that seems to be a good price still.

I am surprised 16:10 isn't pushed more it's so awesome.

Samsung has the SA650 version but it's a completely different panel than the SA850 and they never had a display at the time for comparison so with that I was not willing to risk the image quality not being the same so I went with the SA850.. The response time is faster as well on the 850.
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