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Originally Posted by Entilza View Post
I have the S24A850D, I find it great honestly... I don't notice any major bleeding, the colours are great, everything looked so much better. It's the 1920x1200 one but it's more expensive. 16:10 is the way to go. However it may be off with your LG 226 if you want the same side by side resolutions... not sure. Goodluck.
Wow, PLS monitor. I'm jealous indeed haha. But yes, when I bought my monitor it was kind of in a hurry as I needed a replacement since my laptop monitor died and I couldn't do any work for school And it was on sale at NCIX. But now I'm looking for a good monitor with a 1920x1200 monitor and I don't think I want to spend too much for 27 inch monitor. I don't mind the mismatch resolution if I do put them together for dual screen.
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