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Default Quickfire Rapid.

Posting to vouch for the Quickfire Rapid by Coolermaster, which was also recommended earlier. It comes in 4 cherry colours too: - quickfire

Notice - all 5 egg ratings across the board. I noticed you said you didn't like any of the suggestions so far, so I assume you are not convinced by the Quickfire. Let me address your concerns one by one:

1- Wired - Yup.
2- No numpad - Yup.
3- Durable - It's built like a brick. It has a very heavy feel to it and it's very sturdy.
4- Backlit - No.
5- Aluminum? - It's not aluminum, but it's VERY hard plastic that you could easily fool for some kind of metal.

To me though, the great thing about it is how cheap it is compared to most mechanicals. You can get it for about $80 CAN. If you keep your eyes peeled for a sale, you can get it ever cheaper direct from CM.

Only #s 1 and 2 are required though.... Suggestions? Non-mechanical please... too hard for my fingers to push down easily anymore :(
You'll want to read about mechanical switches. This is a reasonable article I quickly googled, but there's a ton of info out there:

Mechanical Keyboard Showdown | Overclockers

Why did I buy my Quickfire in the first place? For the exact same reason you did. I have extremely sensitive fingers and I have to type a lot. Typing on a mechanical is MUCH easier than a membrane keyboard and it feels much better as well. Any Cherry switch but black will be easier than most membranes. If I were to recommend a switch, I'd say brown is your best best as it's generally regarded as a good all around switch with low actuation force. If you have unreasonably sensitive fingers, you may want to check out the cherry reds. I think going with the reds may be a risk though, as they don't "click" and you'll have to get used to not bottoming out. They are extremely easy to press though, but they require getting used to for typing.

I sound like a salesman for CM, but let me tell you this is easily the best computer peripheral I have ever purchased.
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