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Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
Fraps records at a very high bitrate, thus stressing out your HDD and slowing down anything else thats running on the drive at the same time.
Originally Posted by xvl89 View Post
Thankyou:) Why should you record to a different drive btw?:) And yes it is while im recording.

As super pointed out .... its a VERY intense program + it buffers what your recording ...

Myself I do record to a secondary physical hard disc while my main programs are on my cronos deluxe & set the custom level for 420 fps, full screen & no audio which helps if your not looking to use the ingame sounds anyways which will keep the output files size down ... ex @ 120 fps 3-4 minutes might generate a 4-6 gig file ... add multi channel sound to that & your looking 12-14 gig file.

Also as the fraps program indicates .. the higher capasity/bandwidth the recording drive is the higher the quality/framerates your capture will be ..... here is 1 of my video's that i put on utube that was based on no audio but 120 fps capturing, make shure to view it in full HD mode to see what I mean:

Combat Arms on high end system (AMD) (HD) - YouTube

So, i'd firmly advise picking up a Sata6 based ssd or hard drive as your recording drive ..... probly another cronos 120 would give you at least up to 30 minutes of raw video/audio capture @ highest possible fps, or if you grab a 2-3 TB Cavier black or latest seagate baricuda based on tb platters ... you'll be able to get longer captures ... but at lower fps/quality ususaly.

So, my advise is again, set your fraps to capture @ 2-4x the fps your looking to get (420 gurentee's you should be getting minumaly 60 fps output files) also try 1/2 screen & no audio ... ohhh & forgot the ovious make a capture folder on your wd cavier black to record to ..... if that works, then try full screen & ect.

hope that helps you some.

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