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Thank you everyone for all of your help with this!

In addition to all the ideas you have expressed here (again, thanks!) I have been reading every recent W8 review and opinion I can find (primarily those written since August--earlier responses were obvioulsy responding to earlier W8 versions and there have been a number of updates)--the general concensus appears to be rather negative. However, there have been some very enthusiastic responses to W8 and thus it is still kind of difficult to decide. One very informative article I came across from mid September has quite a bit of information:

Microsoft Windows 8 review - PC Advisor

Please correct me if I am wrong in my understanding, but it seems like the opening Metro screen is essentially a tiled Start menu with all the programs and some apps splayed out. One of the tiles is a "Desktop" tile that when clicked puts the user on the regular Desktop minus the Start menu. Many of the functions one needs are hidden on the left and right side of the screen as ribbons called charms (visible when you place the cursor there). Essentially everything else is about the same except the program was re-written from top to bottom and is thus more lean and faster in execution. I did a check on MS site of many common programs and my hardware and all appear to be compatable. MS compatability site:

Windows 8 Compatibility for adobe acrobat 8: Drivers, Updates, Downloads

. . . and yet, the Metro UI does have a lot of complaints and does on its face appear to be more touch screen driven than pc/mouse/non-touch screen driven. Also W7 does work while W8 is a new release (in most every other purchase I have always thought it best not to get the first version whether it be software, cars, or anything complex). And yet there does appear to have been a lot of testing and thought in THIS OS build . . . and a more streamlined OS should be a very good thing.

The idea of installing the Evaluation version is a good idea . . . but bkz of of some very tough work time constraints/deadlines coming-up near the end of October thru the end of February, now would be the best time to learn /play with W8--but yet I really hate to be unsettled and possibly doing multiple clean installs of my (soon to be (hopefully)) new OS. Hmmm . . .
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