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Originally Posted by b1ack1otus View Post
Does your monitor have back-light bleeding?

I'm using the LG ips 226v-pn monitor at the moment and it seems to have bleeding on the sides, especially the bottom left corner. I was thinking of getting another monitor for a dual screen set-up. As far as which monitor I was looking to get, it's either: Dell U2410, U2412M, Asus PA248Q, or Samsung S24A650D, I must say that I do prefer a 1920x1200 (16:10) resolution. But when deciding which monitor to get, it seems that everyone who owns these monitor have some sort of bleeding on it. Is there any monitor that doesn't have bleeding problems?
I have the S24A850D, I find it great honestly... I don't notice any major bleeding, the colours are great, everything looked so much better. It's the 1920x1200 one but it's more expensive. 16:10 is the way to go. However it may be off with your LG 226 if you want the same side by side resolutions... not sure. Goodluck.
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