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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
why do people keep saying that you have to learn a new OS?

the desktop mode is identical to win7, except for the start menu (and the improvements to the desktop).
There are a lot of similarities between Windows 7 and 8 (heck a lot of it is identical I agree), but there's enough "small" changes that put them all together and you create a different experience.

This affects people a lot more if they memorized or committed to habit the way they use the computer. I see this with my parents the most, who seem to memorize 1-2-3 steps (press button 1, then 2, then 3) to learn a computer rather than thinking of cause-and effect or relations (I want to get to point C, but I need to travel through B). Think also of people who think Outlook is the only way to get e-mails on a PC - tell them they can use a browser to e-mail and...

Take for instance shutting down or sleeping the computer, not taking into account hotkeys:
In Windows 7 you press the VISIBLE start button at the bottom LEFT of the screen which gives the option to shut down.
In Windows 8 you activate an INVISIBLE control at the RIGHT of the screen, select "Settings", and that gives you the options to shut down.
(What many users probably don't use is still available for both OSs - mash ALT-F4 at the desktop and you get a window with all the shutdown settings.)
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