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My System Specs


I just assumed that AMD skimped on the controller and kept TRIM capability out of the chipset because they didn't see where the market was heading. By the time SSDs quickly took hold, AMD had cut their chipset and driver teams, and were aiming at a lower-end market.

TBH though, SSDs are still an enthusiast product; regular users appreciate SSDs after an enthusiast installs it for them (especially if you have a SSD as an OS drive and a HDD as a data drive...most folks would have no clue about this).

So I don't really worry about AMD not having proper SSD support/being late to that game. It did rule out folks like me who crave then snappiness of a SSD, but to the average person it was no big deal. What folks do care about is waiting for that video to be transcoded for their phones, and the heat and related noise. This is where AMD failed for the most part.

Still not finding a good review that shows the latest power/heat/performance comparisons to Intel i3 and i5 setups.
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