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My System Specs


I have had the older e8400 and the q6600 both those processors I did like then I bought an 955 which was a great deal and to be honest the setup between those processors with the same ram and video card was not different in anyways accept for the noise and the heat of the intel. then I blew out my motherboard so I ended up upgrading to 100 with 990 sabertooth and the difference was minimal the only reason why I went this route was because again I got a good deal on the the board cpu and an SSD . I would love to buy Intel but I am not sure if it would be worth the possible dissapointment with the money performance difference ratio , I am talking about the difference that I would notice not the difference that that are said.
when I bought my first SSD I was greatly disapointed becasue of the price and the performance with not that much different.

Then I found out that this was because of the SSD market was more geared towards the Intel then the AMD chips. for some reason or other this made me think of Microsoft and the Unix ways in that Micro soft controls most PC things and I am very very sure they have a few fingers in the Intel pies .

But I will most likely buy a used sandy bridge board and cpu just to see if I notice any significant differences and if there are then I probably will change to intel. As it is though I haven't seen or been fast enough to catch any sales on Intel chips that are good OCers yet .
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