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I have sold lots of AMD systems to people who are happy with them. They wanted to pay $399 for AMD, not $449 for intel. These were home PC's for web surfing and msoffice etc.. Of course by this point the PC they were replacing was suffering from windows rot and bloatware so the AMD seemed like a miracle.

I had an HTPC with an AMD chip and a mobo with on board graphics. It could not play 1080p 8gb mkv's, not even after I put in a low end discrete nvidia card in it. I dropped in a core i3 and a $99 mobo and can play 14gb 1080p mkv's without a hitch.

AMD has their nitch, but for me they have been out of the picture since the Athlon Days.

But thank god for AMD, the Athlon really woke up intel. Were it not for them we would probably still be dragging along with 80 stage pipeline power sucking behemoths.

in conclusion, I agree with all of you so please shut up now :)
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