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Originally Posted by Fudd Rucker View Post
A lot of my friends have had me building them i3 boxes with a 660 or 670 for gaming rigs. The i3 processors (even SB ones at stock) are fantastic processors for your day to day usage and playing modern games with all the bells and whistles when coupled with a good gpu. Because with games these days thats where its at - the gpu. It has taken me many years to finally wise up and realize most people dont need much more than good dual core,lots of ram, a semi speedy hdd , and if gaming a good gpu to back it up.

With that list, I find zero reason to want an amd processor since at that price point.
BUT are peaple running stuff in the background while they game or just the game itself ?

I run 2 im's, skype, multiple instances or ie 9 + 1 of firefox, ventrilo + windows media player in the background when I game. In World of Tanks/World of Warplanes high/customizes @ 1080 setting i get 3x-95 fps over various maps.In my 1 other game Combat Arms I generate 40-300+ fps over various maps max details + 4x MSAA @ 1080. Does the i3 do all that ?
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