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The New Conglomerate Badge will be on the right side panel. Instead of just painting it on the panel, how about a Three Dimensional version? Hell Yeah! So I surveyed my pile of acrylic.. I got some Transparent Blue and Clear. No Yellow, but I can always paint it!

All of the acrylic I'm using is Cast Acrylic, 1/8" thick. I printed out the logo, cut it, and traced around it, onto a 12" x 12" sheet of Clear acrylic.

I used the Vertical saw to cut the traced pieces from the acrylic sheets.

Cutting notches in the wingspan.

Refining and defining the cuts with Hand File.

Detailing the star, from the center of the logo.

I'm debating about implementing some metal into the piece as well... Maybe mount the logo on metal shield... (back to the bench!)
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