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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
LN2? Would have been cool if 7GHZ was on plain water. Forgive my pun.
Originally Posted by Rasparthe View Post
Thx for the advice, always do when I get new hardware and the FM1 was very finicky as well.

I'm sure the 7Ghz was on LN2, FM1 could do 6 under LN2, and 1Ghz increase with an APU onboard would be very interesting.
From the 3-5 online reviews I read ... with the stock/weak included cpu cooler most of the a10 5800's hit 4.4/4.5 ghz .... but I believe in the 1 review when they stuck 1 of the copper pipped coolers from like the black edition cpu's on it it generated enough cooling to make it hit 5 ghz.

So for a $120 on average cpu to be able to hit 4.4-5ghz range with onboard gpu/apu thats not to shabby & could generate some decent preformance.

Hopefully sky in his (i asume its him doing it) review can explore maybe oc'ing it with both the stock cooler & a few others ...
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