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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Would an i3 not be "good enough" while using less power for a machine that is on all the time? All I'm saying is if you look at just performance sure there are a lot of things that are good enough... It could be argued that good enough happened a while ago and everyone is now wasting their time with performance. I am sure this exact same conversation has come up in the past, hell my P4 1.8 was good enough when I bought it but it isn't any more.

At the end of the day, you pick up the best product in your price range because you don't know what is coming down the line. What is good enough today might not be good enough tomorrow. I can tell you this my AMD Athlon II x2 in my laptop is no longer good enough and I wish I had picked up a first Gen i3 because my girlfriends first gen i3 laptop is still good enough for what I would use it for.
Well in the instance of a Athlon II X2 mobile vs a i3 1st gen .... well yeah that doesnt suprise me ..

I guess a i3 if your not accessing your server alot + lower power consumption would make sence if it does it well ..... Just the thought of it kinda strikes me like you know someone buying a pentium/celron & building the rest of the system with like a radeon 7970/nvidia 680 .. know what I mean?
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