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TB, you are conviently forgetting a couple things. 1) AMD also makes chipsets and not just the 'cpu'....maybe the terms "ICH/PCH" or "southbridge" will stir some firing of the old neurons. Same with Intel. Every time someone buys a new guessed it a bit of cash goes to either Intel or AMD. It is in there best interest to sell you a NEW chipset along with that new CPU.

2) AMDs drivers have been poor for SSDs. Official support was only added fairly recently (generation wise) and even then it was piss poor.

3) you should already know all this as you tried thread crapping in my sticky thread and knocked you down for it then. It was fanboi BS then and it still is now. I specifically went AMD to try and drum up support for them...and it bit me on the ass. Things that should only take 100hrs were suddenly taking 150hrs...and the results were not as repeatable without FURTHER testing.There is no reasons for anyone interested in going the SSD route to bother with AMD. There feature set and 'sata controller' is inferior.

4) you tried that Intel rig vs AMD rig bs then too....and once again. You were comparing a cpu with with a clock speed of 2.8 vs one with 3.2Ghz...yet you couldnt tell the difference. Sooo why should joe blow get the hotter running cpu that uses more power but is slower clock for clock AND also has less features and less upgrade path?

As I said earlier for the mega budget builds yes sure they are good deal. But that is a hell of a lot different then saying AMD is 'good enough' for the AVERAGE consumer.
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