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My System Specs


Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
If you or akg could pass on this info on trim on the X6 I would greatly apreciate it so i could see so myself.

As for this discussion .... again it just chaps me something fierce that somehow intel is some kinda standard setter when the reality is it should be NEITHER company seen as such. And while peaple want to keep drawing on amd's "baby steps" to evolve it doesnt help them too by calling ALL there cpu/chipsets "crap" when there not & do funtion fine for general users.
You , on your Chronos (which is what I have too) do not need to worry so much as the ITGC is agressive enough to not have degradation to the same level as say other drives (half the reason AkG got me the drive) because well, I still have AMD in the house. However I will dig for my notes when I am not at work and forward them to you. Might take a while, I have around 10K on the PM side.

Evolution however Terry does not include Dropping offical support of multi-GPU in order to gain customer base. Sorry, but that for many of us when their chipsets were no longer supporting SLI found that a bitter pill to swallow.
THe learned, and I applaude them. Look at posts when FX was first comming back and SLI was announced. I was one of the first to be happy at this, now if only they could get SSD support done proper it would make many of us happy.


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