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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
What people DO however seem to forget is that AMD's Athlon and upcoming Vishera non-APU products will offer a phenomenal price / perf ratio for budget-minded gamers and general computing users. For the time being though, I think the APUs are simply ahead of their time and may have an issue finding traction in the desktop market. In the mobile space though.....that's another story.
I was thinking this earlier this am when I made my last post. If AMD is to survive, they will need to sell lots of laptop/mobile chips. They don't have to focus on folders and hardcore transcoders to make some good money and great products.

I get 20-30 a year asking me for advice on computer 'upgrades'; out of those, I would say now only2-4 of those people are looking to a desktop at all...they are all looking for laptops for general use. When I ask them what they want to do, there is very little gaming and possibly some transcoding (ie. putting some videos on a smartphone).

So, with my typical usage, I find that the typical user for me has the following requirements:

1. General use (internet)
2. Mild gaming (if at all)
3. Some transcoding (people tend to have some software like Nero for taking videos and compressing/transcoding for use in a mobile phone)
4. Quiet, and cool
5. $500-$700 range

I italicized the quient and cool, because I believe that a cool laptop is less likely to have reliability issues in the future. Fols at home will place these laptops on well, their laps, beds, etc. Remember, these are teens older folks using these machines. While I always suggest a laptop cooler, the cooler will only get used often times when the laptop sits on a desk...

So with my suggestions above, I typically still fall back to an Intel i3 or i5 setup. So seriously (I am not being coy), how does AMD compete on the above now? I am especially concerned about #3 and #4 in my list above. I have not looked at AMD in ages, so I am honestly looking for a good review or comparison here with regards to the latest AMD stuff.
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