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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Most web surfing rigs dont do any gaming more strenuous than JAVA games. A 'gaming' apu is overkill, a HD 2x00 is more than enough. If peeps need more...they go discrete as both camps suck for 'real' games. BUT the storage device is ALWAYS the bottleneck. IMHO I will take a 120gb SSD + i3 over a AMD + Vraptor any day of the week.

Peeps also forget that a lot of non-enthusiasts can not afford a large ssd upfront. They get say a 120GB now...and then save up for a second one later. Try doing that on AMD and you are in for a world of hurt. Intel...all it took was a driver update. So seriously tell me how that level of hassle factor is 'good enough' on the AMD side of things?

It honestly amazes me how certain peeps can say in one breathe how 'bad' Intel is for 'forcing' a new mobo w/ every gen (cough...BS...cough... its usually every TWO tick buy new /tock upgrade ...tick time for new mobo) and then in the next forgive AMD for doing the exact same thing. Here is a tip for fanbois....both companies do their damnedest to MAKE you upgrade your mobo as often as they can. Its how they make money.
I read what I have bolded & all i can say is ....... WOW ..... are YOU for real? Do you ACTUALY read things & use stuff in real time to be able to formulate these "views" you have?

Also your "theory" on this how both companies try to make you upgrade your motherboard .. Pardon me but WHOM makes the motherboards? NEITHER company does !! Its the board makers themselves that try to do so by not putting bios's out on older products that might support a newer cpu.

Your other argument is also flawed with the fact that how long is ivy bridge 1155 out for ... ohhhh till next year to be replaces by 1150 OHHH & its nothing real new as it's STILL based on the Core's architechure ("Haswell processors or the fourth generation Core processors as some like to call them") .... meanwhile FM2's supported for the next few years ... OH but there's no value in that ...

Im sorry but I dont understand why ya bother to reply to anything amd cpu/board based cause quite honestly you show no ability to see any positives in them & refuse to accept anyone whom puts/see's a positive aspect on things on the platform. Trying to discuss/debate things in reguards to the amd platform in general is about as sucessful as tryin to demolish a brick wall with a rubber sledgehammer. I believe you have given your reasons in the past ... but if your unwilling to be able to talk about both the positives & negatives about it ... why waste your time or anyone elses then ?

All i know is my stance at the end of the day is AGAIN based on US the consumer ..... no amd & we are back to the late 90's pricing & no motivation to advance/evolve. I also dont see having to have "trim" enabled in a chipset as some MAJOR reason for the average joe consumer to choose intel over a amd solution especialy if the ssd's do so on there own in themselves. And more so, no one in there right mind is gonna be thinking about "raid" on a i3 configuration

Sorry but again i dont see the current landscape as like per back in the days of socket 7 like how your refering to current amd cpu's like the cyrix/ibm's of back then vs intels like the AMD/intels of that era ..

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