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why do people keep saying that you have to learn a new OS?

the desktop mode is identical to win7, except for the start menu (and the improvements to the desktop).

but ya, there's really no point in delaying your build.


in terms of sales, W8 will be a failure in the regard that it will almost entirely be OEM-pushed (relative to W7).

in terms of software quality, W8 is EXCELLENT*. It shares the same driver structure from W7; although, graphics appear to be funky - nothing that isn't expected though. Vista was a marketing failure (most people that criticized Vista never used it and based their opinions on pre-SP1 builds), 'partner' relations (printer driver support was at 'nearly' 0% at launch - printers were MUCH more important to home users back then) failure, and an overall technical challenge (if it wasn't for Vista, W7, AKA Vista SP2, would have been a piece of manure).

*excellent != perfect

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