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My System Specs


EDIT 2: Well I reverted back to 7... New Build: Windows 8 or W7 now and W8 Later?!? . . .

See "My System Specs" - I've been poking at Windows 8 since Customer Preview, attended a Windows 8 info session to find what the new interface is all about, and now I run Windows 8 on my main computer for the fun of it. So far I've written a report on Windows 8 using the Office 2013 preview, gamed on it with Guild Wars 2, and did a pile of Internet surfing with it. I've also toyed around with its backup features and Bitlocker.

For a keyboard and mouse experience, stay with Windows 7. There's nothing on it for the desktop that would make it better than Windows 7, at least nothing that you'd want to spend money or delay a build over. Gaming is about the same, productivity after learning how the new UI works is about the same, and I'm avoiding the use of any of the "Store" a.k.a. "Metro" apps because every one of them is immature. (e.g. You can't click and drag to move an e-mail to a different folder in "mail"). Also with any new Windows release, drivers and software is a bit iffy - sure you can use Windows 7 drivers here and there but expect minor glitches (e.g. Windows 7 driver installers can fail). Since I don't use the new apps, I'm using Windows 8 exactly as I would 7 except with a giant start screen.

EDIT: Note matching the productivity of Windows 7 with Windows 8 is only possible if you keep a crazily high mouse sensitivity like I do. (I can zip the cursor from one end of my 1080p screen to the other by only moving my mouse 3cm.) If you use a low sensitivitiy (e.g. having to traverse half your mousing area to go across the screen) the larger spacing of interface buttons will get you repetitive strain injuries in short order

If you will use a touch screen however, you will definitely want Windows 8. It was meant for a tablet and would definitely provide a better experience for touch-based e-mailing and surfing compared to trying Windows 7 with touch or the little stylus.
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