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Default New Build: Windows 8 or W7 now and W8 Later?!? . . .

I am putting together the final components for my new computer I am hoping to build in the next week. Really, my last big question is, what Windows OS to use?!?

I have been following threads and reviews and found relatively few people posting anything particularly favorable about W8 and the few that have still have some issues and concerns.

Hoping MS would not repeat the disaster that was Vista, hope springs eternal that W8 will be stable and an improvement . . . but then again many may have been thinking the same thing just before Vista came out with memories of Windows ME still fresh in their minds.

For those that have used and/or are familiar with W8 . . . would you recommend holdong off the build and waiting until the end of the month and then installing W8?

While I could install W7 and then later upgrade ($15), I may be a bit compulsive but I always do a clean install when I upgrade my OS (prefer a clean slate). I kind of hate to install all my programs and files etc. only to have to go back and re-do everything . . . would be easier of course to just set everything up from the start . . . but maybe W7 and later W8 is the thing to do. At a bit of a loss on this one.

Would really appreciate hearing your thoughts--best to go W7 now and then later W8 or just wait and install W8 from the start at the end of the month?!? Thanks!!

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