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Most web surfing rigs dont do any gaming more strenuous than JAVA games. A 'gaming' apu is overkill, a HD 2x00 is more than enough. If peeps need more...they go discrete as both camps suck for 'real' games. BUT the storage device is ALWAYS the bottleneck. IMHO I will take a 120gb SSD + i3 over a AMD + Vraptor any day of the week.

Peeps also forget that a lot of non-enthusiasts can not afford a large ssd upfront. They get say a 120GB now...and then save up for a second one later. Try doing that on AMD and you are in for a world of hurt. Intel...all it took was a driver update. So seriously tell me how that level of hassle factor is 'good enough' on the AMD side of things?

It honestly amazes me how certain peeps can say in one breathe how 'bad' Intel is for 'forcing' a new mobo w/ every gen (cough...BS...cough... its usually every TWO tick buy new /tock upgrade ...tick time for new mobo) and then in the next forgive AMD for doing the exact same thing. Here is a tip for fanbois....both companies do their damnedest to MAKE you upgrade your mobo as often as they can. Its how they make money.
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