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Default Random fps dips

Really need some help here, I'm not sure whats happening.

Firstly, my rig:

CPU: i7 3770k - Cooled with H100 OC @ 4.2Ghz
GPU: AMD Radeon 7970 Gigabyte OC 1Ghz (Factory OC)
16G 1666 Corsair Vengence.
Motherboard: Msi G45
Power Supply: Corsair TX 750
120G Mushkin Chronos SSD
1TB WD Caviar Black

I've been playing games perfectly fine, some good frames, solid frames. But Whenever I run fraps, it will run for a while, and then suddenly drop to 30FPS..and stop there. And doesn't go back up, only when I stop fraps. Very strange.

Also, when I playback footage it looks laggy.

I've tried running fraps 1080p 30fps and half frame 720p 30fps - No changes between the two.

I have no idea whats causing the problem and there for didn't know where to post this thread =(

Whilst writing this I thought to myself: My motherboards default Ram clock is 1333, but i've overclocked manually to 1666 instead of using XMP. Maybe this is causing problems?

I have no idea. But to sum up. Drop to 30fps when running fraps. Laggy video playback of recorded vidoes.

Could say it was fraps, but why would that cause problems? :-/

Thanks in advance.
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