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My System Specs


Just look at the pricing and you know AMD can barely compete. (which makes me sadface)

8150's have seen the $150 mark - 2500K's never dropped past $180 and 3570K's aren't going far in terms of pricing
Then you have the $100 price gap between a 3570K/2500K and a 3770K/2600K which are almost 2 identical pieces of silicon. (minus binning and HT)
Pretty obvious AMD can't compete above the $150 market.

Now for the sub $150 market - ALL of Intel's offerings are dual cores competing against quad cores on the AMD side and holding their own in most everyday scenarios. (though AMD does demolish them in a few key areas)
So AMD has to charge less for more silicon in the most important price brackets - higher costs and lower profits for them just to stay in the game. If that keeps up, everybody but Intel loses.
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