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My System Specs


Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
So, you mean to tell me that .... you'd sugest to someone to build a Core i3 box for internet/business processing/production/light gaming vs a A10 5800k FM2 box ...... cause of suposivly some big benefit from the i3's apu + having trim in raid ? ....... if so ........ wow ... ....
Well if you are running a budget home server you probably want RAID... The main reason I would recommend the i3 is because there is an upgrade path... You take that A10 and find it isn't enough now you are replacing your motherboard and your processor. Honestly do I recommend intel for every build my friends make? Not necessarily but if they want to spend $1000 I'm not putting anything less than an i5 in their rig unless they really want that AMD chip. I know AMD needs to make money too so they can continue to produce chips and keep intel in line but when you lose in every single comparison other than price you still have a problem.

I don't want AMD to die, if AMD starts to make better chips than intel for what my friends want to do I will recommend them instead. Until then this is the way business works, the companies with the best products or who sell their products the best come out ahead and right now AMD doesn't sell their products as well and their products are not better therefore they don't get my business. Will I send them business in the scenarios where they do come out on top (HTPC's and super low budget builds)? yes. But don't tell me they are "good enough" when better things can be had for the money.

Think of it this way... you can have computer A. Which is less powerful but good enough for what you need to do and you have computer B. that is also good enough for what you need to do. Computer A is slightly cheaper lets say $100, but computer B uses less power, is more upgradable, has more performance and runs cooler and therefore more quietly (unless you buy an aftermarket cooler in which case you are shrinking your margin). Which one do you buy? I don't know about you but I like computer B. and I am an AMD fanboy.

Edit: Is a $36,000 a year job good enough to live off of? Yes. Do I want to make more than $36,000 if I can? Yes.

Edit 2: Good enough puts you where RIM is, good enough leaves you unemployed when things get rough and good enough leaves you forever in second place. My summer job was good enough when I got hired at $200 per day guess what I worked 2.5 days... Guess my job wasn't good enough was it?

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