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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
You really are dreaming if you think AMDs 8 series is even CLOSE to Intel's. The amount of heat is significantly more. The power draw is HIGHER and the power per clock cycle sucks. That doesnt even include the whole PR disaster on what a core really means.

Outside of a couple wonky special case scenarios the new and 'improved' AMD chips do not match Intel's last gen let alone the latest kit. Hell AMDs old PII holds its own against them. They are crap. Overpriced, overheating, power eating crap. If budgets are mega tight sure, they can be considered 'good enough' but outside of the mega cheap budget builds they are simply outclassed by Intels last gen kit. AMD were a day late and a dollar short. It was delayed way, way to long and when it finally landed it really was the Duke Nukem Forever of CPUs: all sizzle no steak.

Hopefully, their next APU will start to turn things around, but meh I wont hold my breath. Wake me up when I can get TRIM on RAID'ed SSDs and then I might get excited about their gear again.
So, you mean to tell me that .... you'd sugest to someone to build a Core i3 box for internet/business processing/production/light gaming vs a A10 5800k FM2 box ...... cause of suposivly some big benefit from the i3's apu + having trim in raid ? ....... if so ........ wow ... ....
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