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Here is my problem with the whole "AMD is good enough" argument. To kick the dead mule car analogy one last have car A it has a 120HP and gets 20MPG. It costs 18,900. You have car B. It has a 180HP, gets 35MPG and costs 20,000. To me car A is a bad value. Sure it will get you from A to B, but it will cost you more in gas and has the acceleration of a pregnant yak. Good enough is usually just code word for cheap crap. BUT it has to be a lot cheaper than the competition or it aint -by very definition- GOOD ENOUGH.

AMDs right now run hot, eat more power and are less powerful. That is a bad combination. Call me an Intel sheep all you want but that is the cold hard facts. When AMD had the best I ran AMD. Intel are better NOW. This 'good enough' argument is simply pandering to the fanbois.
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