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My System Specs


1. i dont apreciate the way you have such bolded
2. I dont nessicarly mean everyone is a "intel sheep" I am refering to folks whom has ALWAYS went intel & through various means NEVER have bothered with or looked at a amd product with a open mind.

And SORRY for being someone whom has used BOTH in the past & never been influenced by marketing/catch phrase mumbo jumbo. Further i would like to see what numbers have been shot out on WOT's with both amd & intel systems as I did reply in that thread on the forums tryin to find out everyones preformance if what i had was good/bad/indiffrent to other configurations for the game.
You might not appriciate the term, but for people who can't decode your meaning offending them on the choices they have made is ignorant. You, who wants to make a point of some type should appriciate that. I have always respected people for the decisions they have made, and have as open of a mind as there can be. There were a lot more polite ways to phrase your opening post.


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