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Car analogies are almost always silly, but this is less about Toyota vs Ferrari and more like Car A with 200HP vs Car B with 160HP. But still silly because the price difference between those two cars is probably in the thousands and not $25-200 for the PC in most cases. That 160HP car probably has other advantages such as fuel economy and a lower total cost of ownership which isn't really relevant here.

Personally, I'll happily spend $200ish more on a faster, more future-proof PC that I'll use countless hours over a period of 24-36 months. If I upgrade early, chances are that intel part will have better retained its value. Furthermore, I much prefer Intel chipsets, and applications tend to be better optimized for intel platforms.

IMO, AMD only really makes sense if you're on a really tight budget in most scenarios. The savings vs Intel are not great enough to be a factor for me.
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