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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
But in games that have issues with multi-core support the FX lags far behind similar Intel builds (i3 and i5 respectively) on the same clock speeds. As my Friend has shown with his WoT build. And anyone who has an 8150 or any of the Unlocked FX processors is going to do the same damn thing and Overclock it, so you argument becomes moot Terry.

Before this FX Fiasco a lot of us ran Dual systems, a lot more people than you give credit for when you call us 2.'intel' sheeps. Which,1. by the way stops after this post.

We all had 990X boards, with X6's in them ready to go. And yet, our previous chips were getting clock for clock similarities in the ones that were ment to replace them.

Now, to reverse GBA's analogy. Yes, in most situations you will be more of a Camry than an Enzo. However, should a situation ever come up in life where you suddenly need the will be glad you made that decision to get the Enzo.

1. i dont apreciate the way you have such bolded
2. I dont nessicarly mean everyone is a "intel sheep" I am refering to folks whom has ALWAYS went intel & through various means NEVER have bothered with or looked at a amd product with a open mind.

And SORRY for being someone whom has used BOTH in the past & never been influenced by marketing/catch phrase mumbo jumbo. Further i would like to see what numbers have been shot out on WOT's with both amd & intel systems as I did reply in that thread on the forums tryin to find out everyones preformance if what i had was good/bad/indiffrent to other configurations for the game.

Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
I would hazard a guess that it is a very small percentage of the total Intel chips sold actually get overclocked.

Its proven TODAYS intels outperform AMD's chips almost always. I dont get why people still say this crap and turn it in to a Fanboi argument. Just do your research and buy the product that works the best for you, just like GPU's.

This AMD/Intel Nvidia/AMD fanboi stuff is annoying, and the facts are almost always unfounded facts at that. :(
I am sorry but I highly disagree with your coment in bold .... while intel doesnt promote in there advertising overclocking there cpu's .... its the word of mouth that the majority of users especialy gamers whom overclock them. In fact i'll even say that not to many amd chips remain stock either I would also venture to guess as well.

I will also agree, we should TRY to keep "fanboy-ism" like things to a minimum .. but sometimes debates CAN become passionate at times.

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