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My System Specs


Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
Here's where your argument becomes flawed ..... MOST peaple whom buy the intel's with the intent of gaming or what not ... OVERCLOCK THEM .... soon as ya do that the power goes up + more fans/higher end cooler +++.

In the end of the day you AGAIN show the point of the argument ... where do you this "less preformance at the end of the day"? Cause again if it comes back to gaming ... even MY system doesnt have games it cant play as the "intel" sheeps pc suposivly does better ... BlueByte understands it, OversizedRooster whom I think is also on this forum is ALSO another person whom gets that when you start doing multiple things the amd multi core chips shine vs the intel counterpart.
But in games that have issues with multi-core support the FX lags far behind similar Intel builds (i3 and i5 respectively) on the same clock speeds. As my Friend has shown with his WoT build. And anyone who has an 8150 or any of the Unlocked FX processors is going to do the same damn thing and Overclock it, so you argument becomes moot Terry.

Before this FX Fiasco a lot of us ran Dual systems, a lot more people than you give credit for when you call us 'intel' sheeps. Which, by the way stops after this post.

We all had 990X boards, with X6's in them ready to go. And yet, our previous chips were getting clock for clock similarities in the ones that were ment to replace them.

Now, to reverse GBA's analogy. Yes, in most situations you will be more of a Camry than an Enzo. However, should a situation ever come up in life where you suddenly need the will be glad you made that decision to get the Enzo.


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