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My System Specs


2500k might just need a tad bump in voltage to stabilize your slight overclock.

I would go for the slightly better gpu route, a Radeon 7850/7870, A GTX660Ti, or Radeon 7950 depending on your budget.

The 7850/7870 with the right model are very fast and can handle pretty much everything, they also OC nicely(and gain alot of performance from doing it) and really do not get that much hotter or use that much more power doing so, excellent $/performance card. I have the Msi twin frozr III 7870 and love it, 2 of my buddies have the sapphire dual fan 7870 OC and we all get similar OC similar temps 65c or less 1.2Ghz core 1400+memory is nothing to sneeze at. 7850 might be a bit more $ freindly with the right choice, they have some wicked cards out there, 7870 is faster for sure, but an OC 7850 is not much behind it mostly cause they clock even higher.

GTX660Ti is a solid card apprently, somethings it doesn`t do so well, i.e all eye candy maxed at higher AA levels, but it does OC well, and does have a slight edge on the 7870 overall, it really depends on the game, settings, clock speeds etc. 7870 does have more bandwidth, but it is not often folks are pushing the 660 to that point anyways, up to you if its worth the extra cost over the 7870 e.g $40.

Around $45-$55 more and in the same bracket more or less as the GTX660 is the 7950, which overall is the faster card, and has no issues running settings up using AA/AF, it is a good $ difference to get that extra performance.

Its a choice you need to make, based on your budget among other things.

I personally would go with a better motherboard so you can take advantage of the better clock speeds etc, not to mention that high end cooler not being used :P, and a maybe mid range GPU such as the 7850 or GT650Ti. These should be able to play all the latest games at lower settings just fine, even more so with that 2500k clocked up(which helps Nvidia cards a bit more then Radeons) which can make a pretty large difference in quite a few situations.
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