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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Still one glaring issue for me... No content to look forward to. Atleast in WoW there was the next Raid, in GW2 it is "man am I gonna look badass" or "man this PvP is fun, in Diablo III it is "Man am I going to do absolutely nothing but run act III again but this time I will do it slightly faster". I guess there really is just nothing to look forward to, I loved Diablo II and I realise essentially it is the same thing but there is a reason games aren't made like that anymore because now for $60 you are expected to bring more than 4 hours of unique gameplay to the table.
there is the infernal machine event now that will add to the things to do in the game.

I re-spec'd my skills last night to do A3 speed runs like Alkaizer.. averaged 20-22mil XP per hour.
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