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Default "Why you should seriously consider an AMD PC" Opinion from techradar's Jeremy Laird

This is a great lil piece & kinda shows what I have said for MANY years on various forums then this one & get lambasted by the staunch intel supporter with there blinders on for only intel for the most part:

" But as the years tick by and the computing industry matures, raw performance is gradually becoming less critical. It's now just one part of a broader package and in that context, AMD is much, much more competitive. And that's something I'd personally lost sight of.

A big part of this is the question of "good enough" performance. For some applications, more performance always makes a difference. How quickly you can crunch through a video encode job is pretty much directly proportional to CPU performance, for instance.

However, that doesn't actually equate to the computing experience. As a home PC user, do you sit and wait, watching that encode job? The obvious comparison here is with gaming. Below a certain frame rate, let's call it 30fps on average, gaming becomes unpleasant.

In that context, performance is critical. And yet above a certain frame rate, let's call it 60fps, adding more performance makes absolutely no difference to the gaming experience. "

Read the rest here:

Why you should seriously consider an AMD PC | News | TechRadar

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