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Originally Posted by t0m View Post
i have an apc back-UPS xs 1500 ups and i noticed today that the battery indicator is empty/flashing. i cycled through the displays and its reading 0 minutes of battery backup time as well. a bit of google indicates that the battery is shot and most of the posts recommend 'taking it to a service center'. im pretty much positive this thing is way out of warranty, and i live out in the middle of nowhere (not likely near a service center). the other display functions are still working (input/output/load etc). windows reports that "This device is working properly." in its properties panel as well.

so two questions:

-im not too concerned about battery backup time. i got this for line conditioning in an old crappy apartment i lived in with shaky power. with an apparently dead battery, this thing isnt really doing anything in terms of conditioning right now is it?

-is there any risk in continuing to use it like this? its not hot or anything, but its got my new computer plugged into it and its not working right...kind of making me wonder if i should just use a regular power bar for now until i can replace it or fix it.

thanks for any input
A lot of APC's units when they start cleaning noise go to battery power on the Main's while the noise is clamped down by the protection circutry. I have no reason to think that your unit would do it any differently than the newer models of the same unit I have.
That being said, although well out of warranty (it never hurts to ask APC), you can easily enough get replacement battery cartridges for it (either through APC or one of those online battery places). If you are feeling adventureous get me some pics of the batteries inside and I can even find you replacements since I deal with these units on a daily basis.

I would still keep the unit plugged in however, since the MOV's inside will still protect should a major surge come into your lines.


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