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My System Specs


Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
I looked at the Z77A-G43 and I'm concerned about what looks like a 3+2 VRM setup. Has anyone overclocked a Sandy Bridge on that one? I know a lot of motherboards gimped their VRMs with the lower max power of the Ivy.
I have the P67A-G43 with 3+2 VRM setup. As a gaming rig, I've never pushed the board to its limit, instead settling on a 4.0GHz overclock on my 2500K for what I perceive as the best power/heat/performance relationship (it definitely goes higher, though). If you're looking for super-tweaked clocks, then definitely look elsewhere. However, for a sub $100 board after rebates, it's a great board with great build quality, as long as the cut down feature-set fits your needs.
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