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The reason people recommend the Thermochill radiators is that the PA series ones will perform about on par with the Black Ice GTX rads, while using lower CFM fans. If you're going to use high CFM fans anyway, the GTX will outperform the PA (in theory).

I'm actually using a Black Ice GT Stealth radiator as well as a Black Ice Pro II radiator. The reason I like these ones is that they are thinner than the Xtreme, GTX, or Thermochill PA. I've got a Thermochill PA in my CPU water block test bed for the purpose of standardizing with what everyone else uses, but I wouldn't bother replumbing my own loop to add it.

Everyone on XS and EOC will recommend Thermochill for everyone without considering how hard they are to get, how thick they are (even thicker than yours....), and how expensive they are. You've made a perfectly good decision imo.
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