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thats disappointing. I liked 2011 and was hoping 2012 would be another step up. The under steer is really disappointing, this year the cars lost so much rear end grip and for that to not translate into the game. Especially when the assists are off. Appealing to the masses is one thing and I think stuff like the young drivers test and some of the other additions sound great BUT to add that in at the expense of the higher end, the sim end, I find deplorable. And by the sounds of it this running off the track punishment is outrageous, running off the track should possibly give you a penalty but otherwise I bet you are going to lose more time than youll gain anyways.

I was really hoping for 2011 but with a much better AI and more realistic objectives. I disliked being in a lotus being told that I was suppose to qualify and finish somewhere no lotus could ever actually finish in real life and then at the start being able to gain 10+ places on the first lap only to hold up the pack massively afterwards. I was hoping for better in 2012. Also possibly more friendly penalties when it came to curbs. Was any of this accomplished? Oh, and engines, the possibility to pick what engine you are going to use pre practice that annoyed me that I wasted engine percentages because I had no choice....

I dont mind that they are cutting back on the sessions though, I've played the long weekend every time but even then I replay sessions as it is so I guess it doesn't really matter in the big picture.

Codemasters is starting to worry me, I thought when I heard they were going pure racing that there was real potential there but now with Grid2 not having cockpit and 2012 trying to appeal more to the masses....

I'll still pick up 2012 but not till a sale now I think, I still am enjoying 2011 and I havent even gotten to the top teams or a championship yet.
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