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It's so much less challenging than 2011. The cars feel like they're on rails.. In F1 2011 if you turn too hard you'd spin (as should) while in 2012 you'll just understeer. There barely any wheelspin even in 1st (with all aids off, ofc). And once you get used to the weird physics the game becomes easy and boring. I'll stick with 2011 unless they will dramatically change the new game. My guess is that they have tried to appeal to a wider audience with 2012, who are not seasoned sim drivers... but challenge is what F1 is all about! The arcade drivers can and should stick to NFS/Dirt/Burnout and other many games which already fill their needs.
I'd put it this way - If you liked 2011 you won't like 2012, but if you've liked 2010 more then you might like 2012.

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